Presentación de trabajos

Abstacts should be on one of the official topics, as follows:


Official language is Spanish, though abstracts submitted in English or Portuguese will also be accepted.

Deadlines for Abstracts are:  31st  August (1st  date) and 30th  September (2nd  date)

Abstarcts should be submitted individually or by more than one autor.

Each author can submit up to 2 posters.
Abtracts for oral or poster submissions should not exceed 250 words and must include:
  • Títle:
  • Authors:  First author and up to 5 co-authors’ names. (Institution, address, email, telephone, mobile number, in order to contact authors)
  • Objectives: Detail of project or paper objective/s
  • Material and Methods:  outline of design, essays methods, overall description, trials, population, statistics, analysis method as available.
  • Research results: Results to be included if available as it may be   important acceptance criteria.
  • Conclusions:  results interpretation to be included, advances and study limits.
  • Bibliography references:     bibliography used must be included at the bottom of the abstract, as per Vancouver style.
  • Keywords:  These will be of use for easy search or amendments.

    Once evaluation process is completed by the Scientific Committee acceptance result will be sent to the first author or authors.

    The Scientific Committee holds the right to choose a certain number of papers to be published.


Oral free communications will have 10 minutes for their presentation and 5 minutes for discussion. 

Posters free communications to be submitted will have 5 minutes for their presentation and 5 minutes for discussion. Electronic posters system will be used and will be exhibited in multimedia screens. The contents of the poster should be organized in such a way that the main ideas of the paper are of easy comprehension.   

At least one author should be registered at the Congress when submitting free communications.   

Deadline for abstracts submission is 31st August, thus allowing time for registration payment holding early bird fee whose deadline is on same date.    

Personal laptops will not be accepted for oral presentations in the conference room in order to rationalize presentation timings.   

Powerpoint presentations for orals must be sent in to the Organizing Committee before 10th October 2019.  (please check with the Secretariat for late presentations).

Posters in electronic format shall also be sent in by 10th October 2019.

Once acceptance is sent over, authors will have 10 consecutive days for registration.

The presenting author will be advised of date and time of presentation by the Secretariat and this cannot be changed.